Reviving the art of


Purple Monkey Garage was birthed
out of the
need of millions.

In a world dominated by motivational speakers, failing dreams, and economic turmoil, we have created what is believed by many to be the most complete coaching/consulting company in the world. Instead of building engines or realigning tires, we’ve forged a comprehensive toolbox that’s already helped thousands.

Everyone needs coaching. Arnold Schwarzenegger had a coach. Michael Jordan had a coach. Huge companies like Amazon and Google spend millions on coaches. Yet the start-up to $50 million size businesses think it’s “too expensive” or that they “know what they’re doing”. Sadly 83% of those businesses fail. 60% need outside money to stay afloat. And the majority of the leadership is suffering marriage, health, and family issues. Life is meant to be enjoyed.

Anyone can own their business but few will truly own their life.

Purple Monkey Garage’s teachings have been raved about by huge names from governors of states, presidential candidates, network television, billionaire CEOs, and household-name brands. We don’t have to name drop because we are the name to drop. Now, literally 20 million people have been exposed to our brand of teaching.


Our strategy is smart

We develop and employ only organic entrepreneurial strategies that can be molded to any context, demographic, era of history, economy, or political climate.

We consult Mom & Pop

We glean hidden nuggets of wisdom from the  generations before us who shaped the world on the coattails of rugged entrepreneurship and rewarding artistry. We learn from and support the few successful small business pioneers of today.

We respond to doomsday

We don’t run from or avoid talking about concerns pressing our generations today. We respond with grounded and perpetually relevant advice—from personal to professional.

We fix what's broken

We desire to help people align with what they truly want out of life, by listening to their hearts more than their words. What we do is more than just fixing business endeavors, its about setting in order all areas of life.

We want freedom, not anarchy

We believe entrepreneurship is an untapped secret to freedom in all areas of life. We recognize that for many of us, to walk in this freedom requires a bit of deprogramming out of the factory mindset that pervades our education, workplace, and society.

We know our competition

We resist the trend of operating with a cut-throat mindset by recognizing that our greatest competition is the man in the mirror. We succeed the most from striving to see each other win.

Home to one of the Top 100 Business Trainers, Josh Tolley, Purple Monkey Garage has been in operation for 20 years. We just rolled out our new online presence this Fall! We’re excited to help you jump start your business adventure!

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