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Services and Industries

Services and Industries

Since Purple Monkey Garage is more than a coaching organization or a traditional consulting firm and is instead a full service business support agency we are very proud of not only advising clients in the following industries but actually structuring and executing deals, sales, and expanding market share.

Over the past two decades we have serviced many industries:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Hospitality
  • Publishing
  • Communications
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Broadcasting
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Logistics
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Distribution
  • Franchising

In addition to our two full service programs; Core 5 for smaller businesses, and Enterprise for established businesses, we offer a la carte services including but not limited to the following:

Crisis Management

Not everything goes as planned and when it doesn’t time and strategy are the key to navigating the crisis correctly. Too often companies and organizations going through a crisis turn to firms that focus solely on public relations. While making sure public messaging is on point, there is also a need to make sure actual actions are taken inside and outside the business to ensure the smoothest path out of the crisis.

Fix Your Franchise

Today both franchisees and franchisors need to make sure business is running at its peak performance. While the SBA might suggest that the majority of franchises are successful, the truth is a different story altogether. Our Fix Your Franchise program can do just that: fix your franchise whether or not you are the franchisee or the franchisor.

Sales Training

Closing two out of ten and calling that success is ridiculous. Most businesses today implement the very sales training that creates the sort of sales people we all try to avoid. Worse yet, many companies don’t implement any sales training at all. Purple Monkey Garage is known for our innovative and effective sales training. Whether we are training just leadership or your entire team we can establish a training program that will bring success.

Leadership Selection

When an organization is ready to grow their leadership team they can always benefit from another set of eyes and ears involved in the hiring process. Our system of evaluation can stop problems prior to their arrival as well as untap treasure that could easily be over looked.

Advertising Assessment

Perfecting your next advertising campaign while still in the storyboard stage is much more affordable than a campaign that doesn’t produce the desired results. We can take our years of experience and offer an ‘outsiders’ look at your campaign which will provide valuable insight and increase the likelihood of great results.

Public Relations

Crafting the proper PR strategy is pivotal because great PR can be worth millions while bad PR can set you back years. The sad reality is that most PR firms are completely incapable of providing quality PR and they pull their clients along for months while billing for services that underperform. By having a PR firm in-​house we can not only provide a superior service but also messaging that is more consistent with all the other efforts of your business. Not to mention we can do it all in a timely manner so you ARE the headline, not responding to it.

Social Media

With social media being such a pivotal aspect of any business these days, it is important that you use it to hit all of the key objectives for a successful brand. The problem we found with most outside firms is that they only focus on social media. They don’t understand the rest of what your business is doing so there always feels like there is a disconnect. By having an in-​house Social Media department we fully understand business and fully understand how to position your brand.

Media Buyer

By having our media buyers in house, it allows us to increase what we can offer our clients. Not only can it save our clients’ money but it almost certainly saves our clients’ time. By not having to use a half-​dozen outside agencies, our clients know they can rely on us even for buying their media in addition to the other services we provide.

Technology Integration

There are so many technologies that can benefit a business and many of our clients even have their own IT departments in place. However, with the speed of technology and the training needed to onboard the tech, by having our tech team assist in the process can reduce costs, reduce the time of implementation, and the time training extra staff. We also can find and deliver technology that our clients might not have time to spend discovering, testing, and taking time away from needed projects.

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