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Solutions-​Based Growth Strategy

The founder of Purple Monkey Garage had witnessed that many great companies, many great ideas, were so close to success. It seemed that all they needed was just a little push to get over the hump. That push was either they needed a level of expertise in areas of business not associated with their product or service or they needed the extra set of hands to get done the things they just didn’t have the time and staff to get done.

Looking from coast to coast and then internationally for a solutions-​based growth strategy firm, and finding none, Purple Monkey Garage was born.

We knew that there were large consulting companies with tens of thousands of employees charging six-​figure retainers for a few weeks of data collection and reporting. That is just not good enough. We knew the internet was full of ‘insta-​experts’ promising the ability to read fast, to earn fast, and to grind it out until you either collapse or succeed. Again, that is not what millions of business leaders need.

The lack of access to a solutions-​based growth strategy firm then leads business leaders to turn to technology. There is a business software for everything from automated training manuals to meeting minute recorders, shared document clouds, payment processors, and automated inbound marketing funnels. These wonderful technological tools are great, and we use many of them ourselves, but they are just tools to help manage the business you build, they don’t build the business.

Purple Monkey Garage was founded on building a team of experts with real business experience and success. Then developing a team to get the job done for our clients’ businesses, in all the areas of need that our clients require. We also wanted to price our services so that no business would be unable to secure the help they need.

There are so many terrible experts, coaches, and consultants that we know people are sometimes skeptical with companies that say they want to help. We understand that and because we want our clients to be secure with their decision to have us join them we offer amazing guarantees with our services. Our Enterprise clients enjoy stated parameters and guarantees in their customized agreements and our Core 5 clients enjoy an industry leading guarantee where if we cannot fix your business, we will buy it.

We were founded on the reality that eight out of ten businesses need our services and would benefit from them, and that is more true today than ever.

Here’s why we’re different:

Our Strategy is Smart

We develop and employ only organic entrepreneurial strategies that can be molded to any context, demographic, era of history, economy, or political climate.

We Consult Mom & Pop

We glean hidden nuggets of wisdom from the  generations before us who shaped the world on the coattails of rugged entrepreneurship and rewarding artistry. We learn from and support the few successful small business pioneers of today.

We Respond to Doomsday

We don’t run from or avoid talking about concerns pressing our generations today. We respond with grounded and perpetually relevant advice—from personal to professional.

We Fix What’s Broken

We desire to help people align with what they truly want out of life, by listening to their hearts more than their words. What we do is more than just fixing business endeavors, its about setting in order all areas of life.

We Want Freedom, Not Anarchy

We believe entrepreneurship is an untapped secret to freedom in all areas of life. We recognize that for many of us, to walk in this freedom requires a bit of deprogramming out of the factory mindset that pervades our education, workplace, and society.

We Know Our Competition

We resist the trend of operating with a cut-​throat mindset by recognizing that our greatest competition is the man in the mirror. We succeed the most from striving to see each other win.

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