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Introducing our TOP MECHANICS…


Lead Mechanic, Master Strategist, Opportunity Snatcher

Josh wants to change the world. When the light turns green with new opportunity, Josh packs the entrepreneurial car with travelers down the road of life. Hence the creation of coaching in a new way: the Garage.

Email Josh at:


-Albuquerque, New Mexico-

Business Professional and Owner, Consultant, Innovator, Inspiration

Stephanie is a highly sought after global expert as a professional trainer and speaker with 22 years of experience in leadership roles with companies such as Pearle Vision and Hewlett-Packard. Stephanie is a primal leader, providing vision, purpose, and contagious optimism that keeps people moving in a positive direction. She always brings her best self to the table making her a trustworthy strategist to work with. Her communication skills, ability to connect with other people’s vision and inspirational dedication help lead others toward achieving their goals both on and off the field of business.

To her, focus on growing leaders is equally as important as growing the business. This element of care for bringing out the full potential in people is what has propelled her to international success and the companies managed. She has personally managed over $600 million in revenue and worked within global companies worth over $50 billion. She is a shining business star and aspires others to shine in their businesses as well.

Email Stephanie at:


-Houston, Texas-

Leader, Strategist, and Intervention Volunteer

Leading the way for her three daughters and six grandchildren who have followed in her steps of success, Leanne has made it to the top after over 22 years of business consulting and sales expertise.  Her career began with her knocking on doors and selling fax machines to corporate companies while learning to cultivate important business relationships.  She has carried that charisma through to be able to finalize high-value deals as her UT Austin degree glistens framed on the wall.

As a native Houstonian, Leanne builds up charitable organizations and church ministries committed to health services and the local prison.

Email Leanne at:


-Charlotte, North Carolina

Creative Expert

John is passionate about living intentionally and making a positive impact on our culture.  His desire is to train and encourage others in their efforts to do the same. John has over 20 years of hands-on experience in event and brand marketing, public relations, social media, sponsorships, sales, content creation, copywriting, training and real estate.

Having been raised “Southern style” on sweet tea, Southern gospel/Bluegrass music, and motorsports.  John graduated from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee and began his professional career on Music Row working with some of the most talented artists in country music such as Brooks & Dunn. Then taking those skills to the highest levels in motorsports is nothing short of showing skill is better than chance. John now spends his time helping leaders develop skills so success is no longer a game of chance.

Email John at:


-Brazil, Indiana-

Flying the Friendly Skies

If any dream will do, Jeff flies his airplane as far as the land goes… north and south, that is!  As he built up and successfully sold his own business starting in his home garage and topping off 70 employees, he understands machines and mechanics, as well as the controls that make things GO.  His humble beginnings have now reached multi-millions in annual revenue. 

Jeff has always worked alongside his lovely wife Lori with his two adult kids who now follow in their steps of machinery and artistry. From building businesses, exploring uncharted territories, and talking about the wildest conversational topics Jeff keeps himself encircled with a great group of friends and family. 

For selling small, medium, and large businesses or any business mechanics needed for engineering or industrial-type businesses, email Jeff & Lori at:


We’ve helped an agricultural business.


“I have been to the ‘experts’ like Tony Robbins. I have had a professional business coach… I have learned more from Josh than all those previously mentioned.”

-Marissa, Anytime Fitness Owner

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