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“Hello, my name is ‘Master Jack’
yes a jack of all trades, and actually a master of many of them. 
I love to help others become masters as well!”

From political genius to business mastermind—Josh also knows people and loves to leave everyone he meets feeling better about themselves. Sure, he is a professional people person but it’s hard to believe Josh used to be so shy he couldn’t answer the door without hiding!

Today you will most likely find Josh hosting his talk show, helping a business or family achieve new heights, or riding his Harley. But at the end of the day, he will be leaving the world a better place.

Josh wants to change the world, plain and simple. When the light turns green with a new opportunity, Josh packs the entrepreneurial car with travelers seeking guidance down the road of life. Hence the creation of coaching in a new way: Purple Monkey Garage.

He loves to see people light up when they realize their obstacles can be overcome and victories can be had.

For over 20 years now in entrepreneurialism and honing his skill set through a variety of industries—Josh thrives on bringing solutions to the toughest challenges. He sees problem-solving like a roller coaster: adrenaline-driven and fun-filled—and yet the feet always land in a safe place.

When Josh is not on national television or helping some of the biggest corporations maximize their success, he enjoys the geeky hobby of Ham Radio and binge-watching old episodes of Star Trek. Soon the title “pilot” will be at the top of his ever-expanding resume, as time with family and enjoying life is a sustained priority in Josh’s life.


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