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When the owners of a multi-​million dollar manufacturing outfit in Indiana were looking to exit the business with as much capital as possible, the first thing they did was go to the traditional business brokers. The brokers, attorneys, consultants, and accountants all told the owners they would get in the neighborhood of $8 million dollars for the sale of their 20+ year-​old business.

They then turned to Purple Monkey Garage and became a client. After performing our in-​depth assessment of the business we believed that we could secure the founders over $16 million or more which was double what the ‘experts’ were going to sell the business for. What we discovered that nobody else did was that while the business may have only been worth $8 million on paper, what the business was capable of providing was worth far more.

Almost one year to the day of becoming a client, Purple Monkey Garage worked with the client’s legal and accounting team to close the deal for over $20 million. We secured the right buying because unlike the ‘experts’ we understood what was being sold was worth more to the right buyer than just inventory, assets, and EBITDA.