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Core 5 is the must-​have business solution for small businesses today. Our business support systems and proven track record are why businesses around the world have become lifelong fans and clients. And now we can help your business!

Turning Around a Medical Clinic

The medical field has many challenges when it comes to business success. We were asked to advise a clinic which was owned by a group of nurses and a…

Network Marketing Sales Team

Purple Monkey Garage was asked to assist in training a sales team for a national multi-​level marketing company. The training was so successful that…

Franchise Turn Around

A couple purchases an Fitness Franchise, yet due to demographics of the area, the pricing model set up by the parent company, and the debt load on…

Getting a Better Exit than the Experts Anticipated

When the owners of a multi-​million dollar manufacturing outfit in Indiana were looking to exit the business with as much capital as possible, the…

Chiropractor and Inventor

When one of the worlds leading chiropractors becomes an inventor you would think that success would be assured. However the company and the…

Real Estate Brokerage Securing Capital

When a young real estate brokerage wanted to make sure it would survive no matter what happened to the real estate market, they turned to Purple…

Enact Wellness

As the top trainer for a national fitness franchise, Jessica wanted to branch out on her own. She had started the process of lining up lenders,…

Big Coffee in a Small Shop

Like many small businesses, our client needed increased revenue and improved systems in order to survive. Coffee shops are hard to keep open, let…

How it works:

We will apply our Core 5 principles to your individual business situation. We have identified five key areas in which businesses are typically lacking.

The onboarding process is simple:

Step 1

Upon submitting your initial application, a mechanic will contact you to set a date and walk you through your preliminary assessment.

Step 2

If accepted your dedicated business mechanic will conduct your in-​depth 50 point assessment and help define objectives.

Step 3

With objectives defined your mechanic will help set tasks such as stopping capital loss, brand improvement, more effective marketing and bolstering sales.

Step 4

Together we put your action plan in motion, working to meet goals and expectations.

We only accept clients that we can confidently impact.

If we aren’t positive we can repair your business, we place you with our most effective business tools to help you transition.

What your mechanic will be doing between your appointments:
  • Writing and submitting press releases to gain you and your business more exposure
  • Seeking and contacting potential profit partners for your business
  • Working with you to develop a marketing plan
  • Assisting where appropriate in the implementation of that marketing plan
  • Outlining actionable tasks for you to implement in areas of need (Sales, Branding, Time Management, Technology, Leadership, Operations, Influence, Social Media, etc.)
  • Communicating with everyone at Purple Monkey Garage the entire agency will be making connections for sales, supply chain, business partners and other needed connections. You will be brought into those conversations when they are established.
  • Organize your involvement in Purple Monkey Garage events
  • Act as your liaison to other Purple Monkey Garage departments (Advertising, Public Relations, etc.)

Working with a Purple Monkey Garage business mechanic is nothing like working with a “coach” or “consultant”

We work as part of your team to achieve measurable results. With our patented, revolutionary concept for business support, we are redefining the entire industry.

“Thank you for the incredible conference! My business plan is much stronger because I attended.”

W.C., St. Louis, MO

“Josh’s practical “HOW TO” in business is the missing link.”

Matt, Madison, WI

“Holy Toledo…marketing has a whole new meaning! I now see how proper marketing can lead to one’s own freedom. WOW! Light bulb moment!”

Robert, Tampa, FL

“Josh and the team taught me how to become more effective not only with my finance practice, but also in recognizing other opportunities in which I can grow my center of influence.”

Richard, Dallas, TX

“I never would have made the connection that I don’t value myself enough to make the necessary changes to grow. You all have a true gift. Thank you so much PMG!”

Megan, Houston, TX

“I think that the Business of Life Course should be mandatory in high schools across the U.S. Replace common core with Business of Life…million dollar idea! Thanks!”

Megan R., San Diego, CA

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