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Case Studies 

Concrete examples of the results we can achieve together

Big Coffee in a Small Shop

Like many small businesses, our client needed increased revenue and improved systems in order to survive. Coffee shops are hard to keep open, let alone make a decent profit from. We started by having her Purple Monkey Garage business mechanic perform our in-​depth business assessment. We discovered that the business needed to not only grow revenue and generate more walk-​in clientele, but also that management of the business needed to increase their skillset beyond that of making a great cup of coffee.

After only a couple of Monkeys working on solidifying the brand and marketing to the right clientele, the business drastically increased revenue. So much so, that they are now expanding to multiple locations and offering on-​location catering for major corporations. All of these great opportunities have emerged from the cooperative effort of Purple Monkey Garage working with this small shop.

This entire process took less than a year and the client continues to rave about her Purple Monkey Garage experience.

Enact Wellness

As the top trainer for a national fitness franchise, Jessica wanted to branch out on her own. She had started the process of lining up lenders, realtors, and builders getting read to embark on a $5 million dollar gym that was going to be hers.

She became a Purple Monkey Garage client and through negotiations training, sales training, and marketing training we eliminated the need for the $5 million in debt completely. Her business was started well below market value and she was making positive cashflow on opening day of her business. This ability to make her more in her first month than she made the prior year was due to the Purple Monkey Garage system of building and fixing businesses. Instead of the typical five year growth phase until a business starts making a profit, and instead of being saddled with the obligation and looming stress of five million in debt, Jessica was able to experience the profitable freedom she always wanted.

Only one year later and Jessica has already outgrown her first location and has just moved into a brand new state-​of-​the-​art facility and has become the premier fitness brand in her market.

Real Estate Brokerage Securing Capital

When a young real estate brokerage wanted to make sure it would survive no matter what happened to the real estate market, they turned to Purple Monkey Garage. The need to secure future revenue should never be left to the future. In less than 90 days of working with our client, we were able to secure several hundred thousand dollars in future capital what could go on the asset list today.

This allowed our client to have less stress about the future, which empowered the brokerage to take advantage of opportunities today without fear of the risk. Too often we fail to take advantage of opportunities because we literally cannot afford to have an opportunity fail. But by securing on average of $500,000 of future capital that worry is eliminated.

Chiropractor and Inventor

When one of the worlds leading chiropractors becomes an inventor you would think that success would be assured. However the company and the invention were not only losing money every year, but the experience was also putting tremendous stress on the doctor’s marriage.

When he and his business became clients of Purple Monkey Garage we quickly found better manufacturing and quality engineering, which improved his invention. We then eliminated the influence of a toxic business partner who was taking advantage of him, and also worked with him directly on how to lead a business while maintaining a strong marriage.

In under a year the total transformation from a company that was bleeding to a company with a solid product and secured supply chain integration has been nothing short of life-​changing.

Getting a Better Exit than the Experts Anticipated

When the owners of a multi-​million dollar manufacturing outfit in Indiana were looking to exit the business with as much capital as possible, the first thing they did was go to the traditional business brokers. The brokers, attorneys, consultants, and accountants all told the owners they would get in the neighborhood of $8 million dollars for the sale of their 20+ year-​old business.

They then turned to Purple Monkey Garage and became a client. After performing our in-​depth assessment of the business we believed that we could secure the founders over $16 million or more which was double what the ‘experts’ were going to sell the business for. What we discovered that nobody else did was that while the business may have only been worth $8 million on paper, what the business was capable of providing was worth far more.

Almost one year to the day of becoming a client, Purple Monkey Garage worked with the client’s legal and accounting team to close the deal for over $20 million. We secured the right buying because unlike the ‘experts’ we understood what was being sold was worth more to the right buyer than just inventory, assets, and EBITDA.

Franchise Turn Around

A couple purchases an Fitness Franchise, yet due to demographics of the area, the pricing model set up by the parent company, and the debt load on the business, even if they hit 100% market penetration in their location, they will still be bankrupt in under two years.

Working with Purple Monkey Garage, we were able to supplement the training the franchising company was offering, while working with other local companies to create a rewarding profit partner program. Additionally, we created a new service and pricing model that allowed the franchise owner to increase revenue beyond the outlined pricing structure. This turnaround saved the business and saved this couple from failure.

Network Marketing Sales Team

Purple Monkey Garage was asked to assist in training a sales team for a national multi-​level marketing company. The training was so successful that less than a year later the team achieved a sales record that not only put them at the top of the sales success record for the company, but in the top 1% in the entire industry.

The ability to fundamentally change how organizations see sales and then train the sales team to implement the training in the field revolutionized the sales process and allowed the team to achieve new heights.

Turning Around a Medical Clinic

The medical field has many challenges when it comes to business success. We were asked to advise a clinic which was owned by a group of nurses and a doctor. The clinic had a multiple year track record of losing money, and the decision was to either shut down the clinic or sell it to a large medical conglomerate. Both of these options were not appealing to the ownership group.

Purple Monkey Garage facilitated a change of hands in ownership and then implemented changes immediately. From renegotiating contracts with insurance companies, securing better benefits to attract needed staff, remodeling the clinic itself, to launching a very effective community marketing campaign, Purple Monkey Garage took the business from losing money to profitability in fourteen months.

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