A two-day summit that will teach MBA students what they never learned in school.

You won’t want to miss the anti-seminar  of seminars!

The Business of Life Summit has been the kick-off event for so many business and life transformations. Designed to be the anti-seminar seminar, Business of Life (or as we call it around here “BoL”) is a two-day intensive training event which covers everything from the foundational basics to the highest levels of training. It is not unusual for people to see results—real tangible results—within ten days of the seminar.

See measurable growth

before the weekend is even over.


As we engage in two full days

that will forever change your life.


Having been in business leadership now for 20+ years, Purple Monkey Garage founder, Josh Tolley, has been to innumerable conferences and presentations. He noticed that while there was a lot of hype, along with abstract data mixed with cliché teaching, most people left the events no more equipped to succeed than they did before the event began.

Josh wanted to create an intense event based on the teachings that he had been using with his real world clients that could touch over 50 areas of business and life that actually gave people the tools they needed to leave the seminar and forever be ahead of where they were just two days before.

  • Don’t forget to dress business casual as there’s no need to be fancy here. We all learn best when we’re relaxed.
  • Because of the sensitive nature of the teaching, we don’t allow electronic recording of any kind but we do strongly recommend you bring a fresh notebook and a couple of pens!


“Wow! You flipped my world right-side up!

 Lisa, Connecticut


“We have had the privilege of booking every past President since [Ronald] Reagan, and super-stars like Michael Jordan, Payton Manning, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Jack Canfield. Josh Tolley is one of the best speakers I’ve ever witnessed. Josh is the Best!”

Bruce Merrin, 40 year veteran celebrity PR & booking


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