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Like many small businesses, our client needed increased revenue and improved systems in order to survive. Coffee shops are hard to keep open, let alone make a decent profit from. We started by having her Purple Monkey Garage business mechanic perform our in-​depth business assessment. We discovered that the business needed to not only grow revenue and generate more walk-​in clientele, but also that management of the business needed to increase their skillset beyond that of making a great cup of coffee.

After only a couple of Monkeys working on solidifying the brand and marketing to the right clientele, the business drastically increased revenue. So much so, that they are now expanding to multiple locations and offering on-​location catering for major corporations. All of these great opportunities have emerged from the cooperative effort of Purple Monkey Garage working with this small shop.

This entire process took less than a year and the client continues to rave about her Purple Monkey Garage experience.