Not exactly the kind of thing
action movies are made of.

Shakespeare asked ‘What’s in a name?’
In the case of our garage,
it’s a story of success and survival…

It all began one dark night while our lead mechanic,
Josh Tolley, was working in the high-risk security industry.

The last thing he’d expect to find when he stepped outside
was the gleaming moonlight reflecting off the edge of a knife.
Before him stood a startling man with a vendetta, one
whose mind had long been made up to leave no trace of life behind.


just logic, reason, and strategy
at his disposal.

In the breadth of an instant, Josh needed to find a solution.
This time, brute strength alone couldn’t save his life.

He knew if he could close the gap between them by creating time and distance,
he could disarm the man. So as the attacker was yelling obscenities,
Josh yelled back at the top of his lungs something the man never expected…


Purple Monkeys? Blue Bananas? The attacker’s mind froze in an attempt to comprehend this illogical string of words.
But that second-and-a-half pause gave Josh just the time he needed to disarm the looming threat.

This life-saving logic birthed the story of Purple Monkey Garage, as our chief mechanic began a twenty plus year journey
honing his strategies— from gym to writer’s den, home to office, corporate world to free market.

THINK THIS STORY IS CRAZY? You’ll be amazed how with just a few creative questions, we can learn a lot of information that can help us help your business endeavors.

Home to one of the Top 100 Business Trainers, Josh Tolley, Purple Monkey Garage has been in operation for 20 years. We just rolled out our new online presence this Fall! We’re excited to help you jump start your business adventure!

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