Adrian Cunningham

-Dallas Hub-

“Hello, my name is ‘I’m a dork’
and I’m willing to put that on my name tag
just to make you laugh.”

Family guy, value hunter, and chief jokester, Adrian often seeks to crack a smile on someone’s face. He wants everyone to feel special… And it works! He’s our cool guy but not over the top— just a classy Texan boy.

Adrian wants to live in a world where its normal to go beyond fake generalities, where people can trust enough to come forth with what they really need. Because everyone needs something different.

With over 16 years of sales and consulting experience, Adrian approaches business coaching and repair like eating cheese balls— its fun and it leaves fingerprints on the world.

His edge is spotting potential, obstacles, and opportunities. And he has learned from being a father that the most important advice comes from people half your size.

When he’s not busy connecting clients and inspiring them, he’s rocking the guitar at a local gig, forging new paths in the woods with his son, and seeing life from a panoramic view— both the big picture and the details.

He frames the ‘why’ behind what he does with the vision of time—time to help others, time to guide his family and seek direction, time to be generous, and time to inspire others in life.


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